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Haunted Places


Haunted Places in this area

Haunted Places



1.Owlpen Manor, Dursley


haunted by the ghost of Margaret of Anjou, King Henry VI's Queen, who

stayed here before the Battle of Tewkesbury in 1471. After which she was

imprisoned for five years in the Tower of London.



2. Woodchester Park, Nympsfield


the unfinished victorian mansion was used by American troops

during the Second World War and the ghosts of two soldiers are said to haunt the park.



3. Sudeley Castle


the castle is haunted by Janet, a former housekeeper,

whose ghost can be seen dressed in a long pink and white skirt, white blouse and mobcap.



4. Prestbury


this village is haunted by a number of ghosts including a girl who plays the

spinet at Sundial Cottage, the Black Abbot who is seen in the church and churchyard at Easter,

All Saints Day and Christmas and a spectral shepherd and his herd in Swindon Lane.



5. Deerhurst


The churchyard is sometimes visited by an aggressive looking ghost.