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 Winnats Pass

Location of the haunted place: nr Castleton, Derbyshire

Origin of the haunting: 18th Century

Background: Winnats Pass is a narrow limestone gorge which is the only direct route from the west of Castleton. It climbs 1300 feet up through a dale. In the 18th Century, the Peak Forest was an area where any couple could get married day or night. A young couple, Henry and Clara, were on their way there in 1758 via Winnats Pass; their ghosts tell their story.

Ghost story: Our parents did not approve of our relationship. Nothing we said or did made any difference. We were so in love but they couldn't see it. They left us no choice. We wanted to be together so we decided to elope and get married. Our journey took us along Winnats Pass but we were not frightened; we had each other.

Suddenly three lead-miners jumped out on us. We begged for mercy but they showed none. They robbed and killed us both. Our bodies were found some years later buried together. We are still together. Sometimes when the rain falls and the wind gusts through the pass you can hear us pleading for our lives.

The miners responsible were never caught. But a miner, on his death bed, told how they had all been punished for their crime. One was killed in a rock fall, one hanged himself and one went insane. Maybe justice was done after all.

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