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White Swan Inn

Location of the haunted place: Harborne, nr Birmingham

Origin of the haunting: 19th Century

Background: The White Swan dates back to 1714. In the 19th Century it was used by John Wentworth, a prosperous local businessman, for his secret meetings with a local woman. This is his story.

Ghost story: She was so beautiful. The inn lit up when she arrived. We knew we shouldn't see each other but our love was too strong. I was always early for our meetings. Our time together was so precious that I didn't want to miss a moment.

One day while I was waiting for her there was a commotion outside. We all went outside to see what was happening. A wagon had overturned after it lost control on the the steep hill. They lifted the wagon and there was my love crushed beneath it; she died in my arms.

There was nothing left for me in this life. First I killed my loyal dog and then myself.

I return to this inn in the hope of meeting my love once again.

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