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Whitby Abbey

Location of the haunted place: North Yorkshire

Origin of the haunting: Unknown

Background: Whitby Abbey was built in 657 AD. It was a double monastery housing both women and men. It was destroyed by the Danes during a Viking invasion but rebuilt by the Normans in 1067. This is Constance de Beverley's story.

Ghost story: I was a nun in the Abbey. I broke my vows and was punished. I fell in love with a knight, he was such a brave man. I know it was wrong but my love for him was powerful and I couldn't stop myself. When my crime was discovered, they bricked me up in the dungeon and left me to die. It was a horrible death. I don't think I deserved that sort of barbaric punishment. I'm still here hoping that someone will release me. Please, please, if you see me on the stairway, release me.

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