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Wardour Castle

Wiltshire Home

Location of the haunted place: near Ansty, Wiltshire

Origin of the haunting: 17th Century

Background of the haunted place: The castle was built in 1393 by John, 5th Lord Lovell. It eventually became the home of the Arundel family. The castle was badly damaged during the civil war, following a prolonged siege. The Arundels had a large house built close by which was also called Wardour Castle. Lady Blanche Arundel's ghost tells the story.

Ghost story: There were only twenty-five men and myself to defend the castle. We fought bravely for five days against hundreds of Roundheads. Although we were heavily outnumbered, the men showed true courage. When it became clear that the Roundheads' weaponry was far better than ours, we had no choice but to surrender. We agreed the terms of our surrender but these were not honoured. My men and I were put to death by those despicable Roundheads.

I still walk the grounds of the castle, although the castle itself is nothing but a ruin. You can see my ghostly figure walking towards the lake at twilight.