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 Utterby Halt

Location of haunted place: Lincolnshire

Origin of the haunting: January 1953

Background: Utterby Halt was on the line between Louth and Grimsby, which was operated by the Great Northern Railway. The station closed in 1961. John Edward Lancaster was a length ganger and was working on the railway. His ghost tells the story.

Ghost story: It was foggy that day and I was making my way back to Ludborough Station along the sleeper ends. Visibility was down to about 7 or 8 metres. I took it slowly and kept listening for the sound of an approaching train. I heard the rattling sound of the freight train coming from Louth. I stepped to one side to let it pass.

Unfortunately, this noisy train drowned out the sound of the quiet running Cleethorpes to London Express. I stepped straight into the path of it and was killed instantly. I do not blame the driver he could not have seen me until it was too late.

Some years ago a car got stuck on the crossing and the occupants felt the trains pass right through their vehicle. Once the trains had gone, their car started immediately. So take care if you visit, as you may witness a replay of that fateful night.

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