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Camlet Moat - Trent Park

Location of the haunted place: Camlet Moat - Trent Park, Enfield

Origin of the haunting: 12th Century

Background: In the 12th Century this land was owned by Geoffrey De Mandeville, Earl of Essex and Hertfordshire, and Constable of the Tower of London. It is possibly the site of one of his manor houses or castles. He was a powerful and greedy man who changed allegiance depending on who he could gain most from. His ghost tells the story.

Ghost Story: Money and power were the only important things in my life. Loyalty was for fools. I don't deny siding with Matilda, daughter of Henry I, until Stephen, her brother, became King; then I supported him. His wife paid me handsomely to help rescue Stephen when he was captured by Robert of Gloucester. We got him back safely and I was rewarded with riches and privileges you can only dream of. But I grew tired of him and changed sides again to support his sister. He had me arrested and charged with treason; how dare he! I had to surrender my offices, three castles and estates or be executed. They should have killed me because I made them pay.

I established a base at Ramsey Abbey, turned the monks out at midnight in their nightclothes; that was a sight! They excommunicated me but I didn't care. I reduced Cambridgeshire to ashes, no one was safe. I tortured, burnt and ransacked to get my money.

I fought to the bitter end. During a siege at Burwell Castle I got careless. I removed my helmet to wipe my brow and was shot by a first class archer. I died a week later from the arrow wound to my neck.

You will find my ghost wandering around Camlet Moat. Why? Well, some say it is because when I founded Walden Priory I placed a curse on it. If the lands were taken from the monks, he who had deprived them would receive everlasting torment from the traitor Judas. The lands were taken in the 16th Century by order of Henry VIII. So my spirit will walk the earth until the lands are returned to the monks.

Others believe that before I was arrested for treason I hid my treasure down a deep well and now I guard its location. Many have tried to find it but none have succeeded.

Which is true? That remains my secret.

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