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Thornton Abbey

Location of the haunted place: North Lincolnshire

Origin of the haunting: 14th Century

Background: Founded as a priory in 1139 for the Augustinian canons, it was elevated to an abbey in 1148 because of its wealth and influence. Its founder Sir William le Gros, Earl of Yorkshire, was buried here. The imposing gatehouse was built in the 14th Century. Sir Thomas de Grethem was the abbot at this time. This is his story.

Ghost story: They told lies about me. They accused me of witchery and black magic. I was in love with Heloise, the beautiful daughter of Sir William Wellam. She was a student of mine and she loved me too. I know it was wrong but I did not deserve to die.

They put me on trial for lax living and I was found guilty. My punishment was left up to the Dean; he was the one who made up the stories about me. They walled me up alive in a secret chamber in the abbey.

I remained there until the 1830's when some workmen found my skeleton sitting at a desk. You might see me wandering round the ruins of the abbey late at night. Do not be afraid I just want to be with my love.

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