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The George

Location of haunted place: Crawley, West Sussex

Origin of the haunting: 17th Century

Background: The building originates from the 15th Century but started operating as an Inn from 1615. Its location on the main London-Brighton road made it a popular stopping place for travellers including the Prince Regent. Mark Hueston was the night watchman. At 6ft 2 and weighing 18 stone, his presence deterred any would-be thieves. His ghost tells the story.

Ghost Story: I enjoyed my job. Long after everyone was asleep I strolled about the inn with a pistol and cutlass. Nobody messed with me. A perk of the job was that I could help myself to the leftovers when residents had gone. Food and drink aplenty - that was my favourite part of the job.

One night one of the residents had put poison in his wine because someone was stealing it. He didn't realise that I would drink it after he had gone. But I did and that was the end of me. They found me in a little cubbyhole the next day.

I enjoyed my job so much that I've carried on doing it. You will feel my presence and sometimes even see me as I carry out my duties. So if you visit this inn be sure to behave.

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