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St Marys Church

Location of the haunted place: Beaminster, Dorset

Origin of the haunting: 1728

Background: During the spring of 1728 a local boy, John Daniel, was found dead near his home. He was buried without an inquest as his mother had testified that he suffered from fits. John's ghost tells his story.

Ghost story: They buried me without hesitation, without knowing the full facts. I couldn't let that happen. It must have frightened my friends at first when they heard strange noises coming from the church. It was being used as a schoolroom and some of them were playing there. I made some noise to get their attention and eventually lured them into the schoolroom.

They saw me and my coffin quite clearly. My half-brother was among them. He threw a stone at what he saw and I disappeared. They convinced the local magistrate, Colonel Brodrepp, that it was me and pretty soon he arranged for my body to be exhumed. Then they found out the truth; I had been strangled. Nobody was ever tried for the crime but I am glad they found out the real reason I died.

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