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Skipsea Castle

East Yorkshire Home

Location of haunted place: Skipsea, Yorkshire

Origin of the haunting: 11th Century

Background of the haunted place: Earthworks are all that remain of this castle. It was built around 1086 by Drogo de Bevere and destroyed in 1221 on the orders of Henry III. Drogo de Bevere's wife was William the Conqueror's niece. Her ghost tells the story.

Ghost Story: My uncle had given my hand in marriage to Drogo de Bevere as a reward for his support at the Battle of Hastings. My husband was a cruel and heartless man and although I remained faithful to him for a long time, in the end, even I turned against him.

He says he did not want to kill me but that did not stop him poisoning me and hiding my body. He then fled the country to avoid my Uncle's wrath.

Although the castle has gone you may see me wandering the earthworks. I am the White Lady and I want someone to find my bones and give me a Christian burial.