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Shipwright Arms

Location of the haunted place: Hollowshore, Faversham, Kent

Origin of the haunting: 19th Century

Background: This 300 year old pub in the marshes by the side of an inlet of the Swale, was a mile from the nearest house. In the 19th Century a ship sank in the Swale. This is the captain's story.

Ghost story: Aye, I thought I'd done well. My poor ship and all my lads were lost at sea. But I survived. It wasn't easy, I made it onto the mud flats and dragged my weary bones towards the only light on the horizon. I was so cold and wet right through. I made it to the weather-boarded building and banged on the door.

Was I taken in and saved? No, the miserable wretch told me to go away. It was late and he was unwilling to open the door. The cold got to me and I died on the doorstep. The next morning the owner opened the door and found my body. I hope he was sorry.

I'm a frequent visitor to this drinking place. I like to frighten the customers. First the air turns cold, then they smell tobacco, rum and tar. Then I appear and glare at them. You should see their faces.

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