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Scotney Castle

Kent Home

Location of the haunted place: nr Lamberhurst, Kent

Origin of the haunting: Unknown

Background of the haunted place: A 13th Century moated castle. In 1259 the castle was held by Walter de Scotney, steward to the Earl of Gloucester. Later it passed into the hands of the Darrell family. Revenue officials found out that Arthur Darrell was a smuggler. This is a revenue officer's story.

Ghost story: I was just doing my job. He was a smuggler and what he was doing was illegal. We went to the castle knowing there would be trouble. Several raids by officials had ended in fighting; this time was no different. During the violence, one of the Darrells attacked and killed me; I think it was Arthur. He threw my body into the moat, hoping it wouldn't be discovered.

I'm still here, seeking retribution. Sometimes you'll see me rise from the moat and hammer at the door of the castle.