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Scarborough Castle

North Yorkshire Home

Location of the haunted place: Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Origin of the haunting: 14th Century

Background of the haunted place: This castle was built in the early 12th Century by William Le Gros. It was practically impregnable and the Northern stronghold for Kings and Queens for almost five centuries. It is not surprising that Piers Gaveston, favourite of Edward ll, used this as a base when he was under siege. His ghost tells the story.

Ghost story: I had so much power, Edward was so weak he couldn't see who really controlled things. His father realised and had me banished. But once he was dead Edward recalled me and made me Earl of Cornwall. Nobody could tell me what to do. They tried to banish me again but I came back. Sadly, once they rose against Edward and declared war; I became a target.

It was here at Scarborough they finally caught me. I was taken to Warwick and executed. But if they thought that would be the end of me; they were sadly mistaken. It is here that I seek my revenge. My headless ghost lures people up to the battlements, especially those half-witted enough to visit at night. Occasionally, I lunge at them hoping that one of them will leap out of the way and fall to their death.

I hope you are planning to visit soon.