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Rufford Old Hall

Location of haunted place: nr Ormskirk, Lancashire

Origin of the haunting: unknown

Background: The manor house was built by Sir Thomas Hesketh and was the Hesketh family home from the 13th Century until 1936 when it was given to the National Trust. The ghost of Elizabeth Hesketh tells the story.

Ghost Story: I loved my husband very much and when he was called to war during our wedding celebrations I did not complain. He was a man who believed in doing his duty. We had no news of him until an old warrior from the same conflict told us he was on his way home.

We prepared a great feast for him and local people came to the Hall to await his return. But the hours soon passed and then became days. There was no sign of him. I believed in my heart that he would come home to me. As days came and went and he did not return I refused to eat. I grew weak and in my final hours I declared that my ghost would remain at the Hall until he returned.

I am still here - waiting. Quite a few people have seen me. If you visit, look out for the Grey Lady.

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