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Rochester Castle

Kent Home

Location of haunted place: Rochester, Kent.

Origin of the haunting: 1264

Background of the haunted place: The castle was constructed around 1090 by the Bishop of Rochester. It saw action several times over the years and lay in ruins for 11 years following a battle in 1215. A collapsed tower was replaced in 1226 and the castle again saw action in 1264. Lady Blanche de Warren's ghost tells the story.

Ghost Story: We were defending the castle against the Black Prince, Simon de Montfort. My husband to be, Ralph de Capo, led the battle against the King's enemies.

One of the rebel's men, Gilbert de Clare, was a rejected suitor of mine and he still bore a grudge. During a brief lull in the fighting to mark Easter Sunday, he sneaked into the castle. His armour was similar to Ralph's and he wasn't challenged.

Fear filled my heart as he approached me at the top of the keep. He was so angry. I fought hard against him and tried to push him away. Ralph saw my plight and, being an excellent bowman, fired an arrow at de Clare. The arrow struck de Clare's armour but bounced off and went straight into my heart. I died instantly. Every Easter I replay this scene over and over, hoping for a different outcome.