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Location of the haunted place: Tisbury, Wiltshire

Origin of the haunting: Unknown

Background: The current Palladian mansion was built in 1725 to replace an Elizabethan house. The Bennett Stanford's lived on this estate for 700 years. This is their housemaid Molly's story.

Ghost story: It was an accident, I didn't mean to do it. I would never have hurt my own child. She died after I scalded her with some hot water and I was hanged for my crime. Some people thought that the father of my child was "one of the family" and that is why they kept my skeleton at the house.

On only three occasions have my bones have been removed. The first time a wing of the mansion caught fire, the second time the son and heir died and the third time the only daughter died, so that branch of the family died out. They never learned.

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