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 Potsford Gibbet

Location of the haunted place: Letheringham, Suffolk

Origin of the haunting: 17th Century

Background: The Potsford Gibbet is found in Potsford Wood in Letheringham. The gibbet was last used on the 14th April 1699, when Jonah Snell was executed for murder. His ghost tells the story.

Ghost story: This has always been an eerie place. In the dark of night, the trees embrace each other blocking out the moon and a sense of foreboding fills the air. My restless spirit adds to this feeling of evil. I murdered a local miller called John Bullard and his son. I paid the ultimate price.

Whether it is day or night you will find me here in these haunted woods. At night people are drawn in from the road by twinkling lights and see my ghost standing by the rotting remains of the gibbet. By day I have frightened many ramblers who stop and look at the curious remnants. They turn round and see a hollow-eyed ghostly skull staring at them from beneath a hooded cloak.

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