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Pevensey Castle

East Sussex Home

Location of the haunted place: Pevensey, East Sussex

Origin of the haunting: 14th Century

Background: Originally a Roman Fort - "Anderita" , William the Conqueror's first act on British soil was to build a motte castle within the walls of the fort. Sir John Pelham was a constable of the castle in the 14th Century. The ghost of his wife, Lady Joan Pelham, tells the story.

Ghost story: I loved this castle. My husband and I were very happy here. When the time came to show our support to Henry Bolingbroke (Henry IV), we were not afraid. We did what we could to help in his attempt to overthrow Richard. I, myself, played a small part. While my husband was away, Richard II had the castle under siege. The men and I fought bravely and held the castle until my husband returned. What a proud moment that was for me.

I still wander the outer walls of the castle. Do not be afraid, I am just returning to the site of my triumph.