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Palace Theatre

Location of haunted place: Westcliff on Sea

Origin of the haunting: early 1900s

Background: The theatre was built in the early 20th Century and opened to the public in 1912. it is still in operation. The ghost of George, a former theatre manager, tells the story.

Ghost Story: I loved my job in the theatre. Being the manager was an important job and one I took seriously. I always watched the performances and the rehearsals and maybe I didn't take enough notice of the mundane side of running a theatre.

I realised one day that the theatre was in terrible financial difficulties. I'm not sure it was all my fault but I felt responsible. I was desperate and so unhappy to think that my bad management might cause my beloved theatre to be closed. I couldn't deal with it and hanged myself from the fly floor.

I have never left the theatre and still love to watch the performances. So if you visit and there's an empty seat next to you - I might join you to watch the show.

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