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Moreton Corbet

Location of the haunted place: Shropshire

Origin of the haunting: 17th Century

Background: Sir Robert Corbet began building this house in 1606 but died in London of the plague before it could be completed. His brother, Vincent took it over. Although Vincent wasn't a Puritan, he did not persecute or imprison them as did many of his peers. In fact he befriended Paul Holmyard who was his neighbour and a staunch Puritan. This is Paul Holmyard's story.

Ghost story: I thought Vincent was my friend but I soon found out he was not. At first he gave me support when all those around wanted me dead. Then when the Puritan movement started to grow and became stronger; he threw me out. Left me to rot in the woods eating any scraps that I could find. That wasn't any way to treat a friend. Well I had my revenge. I saw him surveying the foundations of his beloved new house and I cursed that wretched place:

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