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Lyme Hall

Location of the haunted place: nr Disley, Cheshire

Origin of the haunting: 15th Century

Background: The hall was the home of the Legh family from 1346 until 1946 when it became a National Trust property. The park around the hall covers more than 1300 acres. It was granted to Sir Piers Legh for his bravery in rescuing the Black Prince's standard during the Hundred Years War. His son, also Sir Piers Legh, succeeded him in 1399. He was at Agincourt with Henry V and died from wounds received at the battle at Meux in 1422. This is his mistress Blanche's story.

Ghost story: I loved Piers with all my heart. But our love had to be kept secret. When he went off to battle I missed him so much. I only knew of his death when they bought his body home to be buried. I could not attend his funeral because it would not have been right. I never had the chance to say goodbye and pay my respects.

Long after he was buried I would head a funeral cortege that went through the park and along the river towards the house. Over the years the rest of the procession has disappeared but I still make the journey alone. My love for Piers will last for all time.

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