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Ludlow Castle

Shropshire Home

Location of the haunted place: Shropshire

Origin of the haunting: 12th Century

Background of the haunted place: During the reign of Henry ll, Marion De La Bruyere took part in the defence of the castle when it was under siege. Marion's ghost tells her story.

Ghost story: Do you know what it is like to be betrayed? My lover used to visit me by climbing up a rope that I would lower down to him. We spent such wonderful times together. Although he became a knight and was part of the attacking army, I still loved him. He came to visit me as usual but one night he left the rope dangling behind him so that his men could get into the castle. Soon the castle was overrun with them and I realised that I had been betrayed. I could think of nothing else but getting my revenge and I did so with my lover's own sword.

I couldn't believe I had killed him. I could see no alternative but to end my miserable life, so I jumped from the castle battlements to my death. At the dead of night you could see me wandering near the Hanging Tower, recently mere mortals can only hear the sound of breathing and gasping. It could be me they hear... or it could be my lover.