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Highwayman Inn

Location of haunted place: Sourton, Devon

Origin of the haunting:1866/67

Background: The inn dates back to the 13th Century and until the mid 20th Century was called the New Inn. The name was changed by John 'Buster' Jones who bought the inn in 1959 and set about creating a nautical theme inside. He used tree stumps from local woods, timber and fittings from old ships including the elaborately carved door from the whaler Diana, which ran aground in 1869 on the banks of the Humber. The ghost of a sailor tells the story.

Ghost Story: We sailed from Hull in February 1866, heading for Greenland and the Davis Straits. The Arctic winter was fierce and by September we were in trouble and trapped in the ice. The Captain made the difficult decision to drift with the ice and hope it would take us south.

We were trapped for six months. The inside of the ship became frozen and supplies were running out. The Captain died in December and several of the crew passed away as well - I was one of them. Scurvy and frostbite were rife among the sailors and without proper food some of us couldn't survive. The ship finally got out of the ice in March 1867 and arrived home in April with many of the remaining crew very ill.

The ship ran aground in the Humber in 1869 and eventually the carved door found a home in the pub. The sailors who died on the voyage didn't want to leave the ship and our spirits remain inside the door. If you visit the Galleon Bar you might be in for a surprise.

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