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Hall Place

Location of haunted place: Bexley, Kent

Origin of the haunting: 13th Century

Background of the haunted place: A manor house has existed on this site as far back as 1241. The current house dates back to 1540 and is owned by the local council. The original house was owned by Sir Thomas atte Hall. The ghost of his wife, Constance, tells the story

Ghost Story: I loved my husband very much. We were so happy together. One day he was out hunting stag and I was watching from the house. Without warning one of the stags attacked and killed him.

I could not believe my eyes. I ran to the white tower and, blinded by grief, I threw myself off. I could not contemplate a life without my husband. I still grieve to this day and you may see me, walking about wringing my hands in despair.

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