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Location of the haunted place: nr Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Origin of the haunting: 1828

Background: At the junction of the A418 and the road leading to the village of Haddenham, a ghostly figure appears allegedly as a forewarning of danger. This is the ghost of a farmer, murdered on his way home from Thame market. His ghost tells the story.

Ghost story: I didn't mean to frighten my poor dear wife. She came to look for me because I was so late home from the market. At the farmhouse door I appeared before her; as a ghost. She saw the hammer buried deep in my chest and ran to the road. There she found my body with wounds matching those she had seen on the apparition.

I had seen two men stealing sheep, Tylor and Sewell were their names. No good thieves, thought they'd silence me when I saw what they were up to. They didn't want to get transported to Australia; a dreaded punishment. But they were to suffer a worse fate. On the 8th March 1830, they were publicly hanged at Aylesbury Prison. They got what they deserved.

I return to this place to warn of impending danger. So it is better if you do not see me.

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