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Gunby Hall

Location of the haunted place: Burgh-le-Marsh, Lincolnshire

Origin of the haunting: 18th Century

Background of the haunted place: The house was built in 1700 by Sir William Massingberd. It was built using bricks of a beautiful plum colour and stands in a 1500 acre park with informal gardens. A north wing was added in 1873. The ghost of Sir William's daughter tells the story.

Ghost story: My father didn't approve, he wanted me to marry a man of equal status. He didn't understand that I had fallen in love with one of our servants, a postillion, and my heart would not be swayed. My lover and I planned our escape, we were to elope, but my father found out. He shot my love and dumped his body in the pond.

My lover and I are now together for all time; my father cannot prevent this. You may see us walking together along the path beside the pond. This path is known as "Ghost Walk" and you may feel a sensation of extreme coldness, which means we are around.

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