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Godstow Nunnery

Location of haunted place: nr Wolvercote, Oxford, Oxfordshire

Origin of the haunting: 12th Century

Background: The nunnery was founded by the twelfth-century noble woman, Evida, widow of Sir William Launceline of Winchester. It once boasted a magnificent church, courts, cloisters and a chapter house. Only the outer walls and ruins of a private chapel remain. Rosamund Clifford's ghost tells her story.

Ghost story: I loved Henry ll. I was his mistress and he loved me with all his heart. We had been together for several years but he only publicly acknowledged me after he imprisoned his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, when she supported their sons in a rebellion against him. We were so happy together, even though I knew it was wrong.

But Eleanor was jealous and resented his love for me. In or around 1176 I died and many people believe she poisoned me. I was buried before the high altar in the nunnery church and lay in peace until 1191. The Bishop of Lincoln visited and was dismayed to find me buried in the church, so my body was removed and reinterred in the chapter house.

I am the Grey Lady who still wanders the remains of her resting place, looking for peace.

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