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Glamis Castle

Tayside Home

Location of the haunted place: Glamis, Tayside

Origin of the haunting: 16th Century

Background of the haunted place: This is the ancestral home of the Earls of Strathmore, the Bowes Lyons. It was given to the family in 1372 by King Robert II. It is also the setting for Macbeth. The ghost of Lady Janet Glamis, wife of the 6th Lord Glamis, tells the story.

Ghost story: My life changed so much after my husband died. It was bad enough losing him but with him went any protection I had. King James V had always hated my family and seized the opportunity to make us suffer. He accused me of witchcraft and of using my powers to try and kill him. I was no witch and people knew it. But he was powerful and made people speak out against me. Even my 16 year old son was tortured until he accused me of this terrible crime.

I was found guilty on the false evidence of my servants amongst others. In 1537, at Castle Hill, Edinburgh, I was burned at the stake. It was a horrible death and one I did not deserve. My son was found guilty as well but was not to be executed until he had reached his coming of age. Thankfully, the King died before then and my son was restored to his position as Lord Glamis.

You may see me above the clock tower and some people have seen me in the chapel. I share this castle with many other ghosts.