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Falcon Hotel

Location of the haunted place: Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire

Origin of the haunting: 17th Century

Background: During the English Civil War part of this hotel was a blacksmith's forge. Arthur was the blacksmith in the village of Castle Ashby. His ghost tells the story.

Ghost story: They were terrible times but I was loyal to my master the Marquis of Northampton. We were Royalists through and through. So when those murdering Parliamentarians turned up on the eve of the Battle of Naseby wanting their horses re-shoed, I refused. The next morning I was hanged from a walnut tree in my garden. At least my master knew I was loyal to him and our cause until the end.

There is still a walnut tree in the garden and I understand they serve "Arthur's Walnut Wine" in the hotel. While you are in the bar watch the bottles; occasionally I help myself to a "wee dram".

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