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 Conington Level Crossing

Location of haunted place: nr Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Origin of the haunting: 16th October 1948

Background of the haunted place: The crossing is on a narrow road and, at the time of this incident, was opened by users of the road. There had been several close calls, mainly because people had failed to close the gates properly or not taken care when crossing the busy line. Warning notices were displayed but this did not prevent lives being lost. As part of a modernisation programme in the 1970s, the crossing became controlled by remote-control television from another signal box at Holme.

In October 1948 Colonel Mellows was heading home with his friend Mr Percival when tragedy struck. The Colonel's ghost tells the story.

Ghost Story: We were coming back from an enjoyable day's shooting. My trusty labrador was in the back of the car. We reached the crossing and got out. I saw the train standing on the south side of the crossing and said to Mr Percival that it must be the 4pm train to London. He opened the gate and I eased the car across the railway track.

I didn't see the train coming from the opposite direction and it ploughed into the car. My dog and I were killed instantly. I should have known better. Only seven months before six German prisoners-of-war had been killed when the lorry they were travelling in was hit by a light engine.

I was buried with full honours and my dog was buried beside the railway track. My ghostly figure still drives up to the crossing and open the gates, hoping this time for a safe journey. Very few people are brave enough to visit this haunted spot, but if you are you might see me.

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