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Chingle Hall

Location of the haunted place: Preston, Lancashire

Origin of the haunting: 17th Century

Background of the haunted place: This moated manor house was built in 1260. During refurbishment in the 1600s it was built in the shape of a cross and had many priest holes added. It is believed to be the first domestic building built of brick in this country. It was the birthplace of Father John Wall, a priest who became a Roman Catholic martyr. He was executed for heresy in 1679. His ghost tells the story.

Ghost story: This was my birthplace and I return here to find comfort. I do not regret my beliefs. I am proud that I was one of the last Roman Catholic martyrs. I hope I did not die in vain. After they executed me, my head was struck from my body and sent to France. Some kind souls bought it back and buried it in the grounds of my beloved Chingle Hall, so that I might rest in peace.

I wander round the house and grounds. I know I make a lot of noise, which sometimes frightens people. I mean no harm. I am not the only spirit here, there are quite a few others. It is nice that I'm not alone.

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