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Castle Rushen

Isle of Man Home

Location of the haunted place: Castletown, Isle of Man

Origin of the haunting: Not known

Background: The castle dates back to at least 1200. It was the residence of the last Norse King of Man, who died in 1266. In 1313 part of the castle was destroyed by Robert the Bruce during a siege, but was rebuilt by Sir William de Montacute in around 1344. The ghost of the Grey Lady tells the story.

Ghost story: How could anyone believe I had harmed my son? I loved him with all my heart. When he died I was devastated, he meant everything to me. I did not have time to grieve as a mother should, because I was arrested for murder. I could not understand how anyone could think I killed him. I was tried and found guilty.

I was executed for a crime I didn't commit. After I was hanged they found out my son had died of natural causes. It was too late for me, but at least I am with my son again. You might see us crossing the drawbridge together.