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Castle Rising Castle

Norfolk Home

Location of the haunted place: Norfolk

Origin of the haunting: 1358

Background: This castle was one of many homes of Queen Isabella of France, known as the she-wolf of France. She married Edward ll in 1308, but soon found he preferred the company of men. She became the mistress of Roger Mortimer and in 1326 they took the throne from Edward ll. They imprisoned him in Berkeley Castle and in 1327 had him murdered. They enjoyed a brief period in power but Isabella's son, Edward lll, took control in 1330 and had Mortimer executed. This is Isabella's story.

Ghost story: Edward deserved his fate and I feel no remorse. I tried to make our marriage work but it wasn't to be. I hated the men he chose as his favourites; especially the Le Despensers - father and son. I sailed to France in 1325 to settle a dispute and I told Edward I would not return to England unless he removed the Le Despensers from court, but he did not do this. I wanted to be with Roger Mortimer, the man I loved, so we seized power and I made Edward and the Le Despensers suffer.

My son had Roger killed but still loved me enough to let me live. Some people think he had me imprisoned in this place, but I could come and go as I pleased. But what is life without power or love? People say I went mad during the last few years of my life and maybe I did. If you visit you won't see me but listen out for my screams!