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Busby Stoop Inn

Location of the haunted place: Sand Hutton, North Yorkshire

Origin of the haunting: 18th Century

Background: Following his execution for murder in 1702, Thomas Busby's remains were hanged from a gibbet opposite the inn. The inn takes its name from the post or stoop on which his remains could be seen. His ghost tells the story.

Ghost story: I didn't lead a good life. I was a thief and a drunkard. I was fed up with my father-in-law moaning at me. I'd had a few to drink one night and couldn't stand him anymore. I got my hammer and killed him with it. I didn't care, he deserved it. They hanged me for my crime and left my body on the gibbet opposite the inn.

I still visit the old place. Sometimes you'll see me outside where the gibbet was.

A chair in the inn, some people think it was my chair, got a bad reputation. It was said that anybody who sat in it died shortly after. I like the thought of that. Maybe, I got my revenge.

They spoilt my game by removing the chair and it can now be seen in the Thirsk Museum. It is displayed high up so no one can sit on it.

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