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Burton Agnes Hall

Location of the haunted place: nr Bridlington, East Yorkshire

Origin of the haunting: early 17th Century

Background of the haunted place: This house was built by Sir Henry Griffith 1598 - 1610 and is known as a Yorkshire treasure house that has never been bought or sold. Sir Henry had three daughters, the ghost of the youngest daughter Anne tells the story.

Ghost story: I loved this house. I watched every day as it was built. My two sisters and I were going to live here and I wanted to make sure it was perfect for us. Even when it was finished I added little touches to make it feel like home.

Then one night when I was on my way home after visiting friends, I came across two beggars. As I was opening my purse they saw my ring and demanded that I give it to them. I refused. One of the men hit me over the head with a club and knocked me unconscious. I was found and carried back to the house. I died from my injuries five days later but my dying wish to my sisters was that my skull should remain in the house forever. If not, then nobody would be able to live in peace in my house.

They did not take me seriously and had my complete remains buried. That made me angry and I would not let them rest. I drove them mad with my banging and crashing. In the end they had my body exhumed and placed my skull in the house.

Twice since then people have tried to get rid of my skull. On both occasions I have made their lives a misery and they have returned me to my rightful place. My skull is still in the house but nobody knows where. If people know what's good for them they won't try to find it.

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