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 Brooke End

Location of haunted place: West Midlands

Origin of the haunting: Early 1900s

Background: Brooke End signal box controlled sidings, an up goods loop and the up and down main lines. The Gorman family lived nearby and Mr Gorman worked on the railway as a platelayer. The ghost of his daughter, Marion, tells the story.

Ghost Story: It was love at first site when I met Ronald Travis. He was working in the signal box and had come to see my father. He was a lovely man and we spent every spare hour we had together. At first my parents were happy that I had found love, they even encouraged us. Then I started spending more time away from home and they kept questioning me - I did not like it.

One night my father went to see Ronald in the signal box. He found us both there, wrapped in each others arms. He was so angry, he felt I had betrayed his trust. He dragged me home and forbade me to see Ronald again.

Life became unbearable, my parents wouldn't let me out of their sight. We had a violent row one night and I waited until they were asleep and then I crept out. I climbed over the railway fence and started across the tracks. I heard a train coming, but I knew I could get across if I ran. I got over the down line safely, but stumbled and fell as I crossed the up line.

I didn't stand a chance and the train hit me, severing my head. Although the signal box is no longer there, I have returned a few times determined to try and make it across the tracks into my lover's arms. Maybe one day I will succeed.

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