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Bosworth Hall

Haunted Location: Market Bosworth - Leicestershire

Origin of the haunting: 1758

Background of the haunted place: The Hall dates from 1680 and in recent times has been used as a nursing home, hospital and conference centre. In 1758, it was the home of Sir Wolston Dixie and his daughter Ann. Her ghost tells the story.

Ghost story: My father is to blame for my fate. I was in love with the gardener's son, he would visit me in my room late at night, they were such wonderful times. My father found out and didn't approve. I had kept the meetings secret because I knew how he would react. If only he had let me see the man I loved, but no, he had to have his own way.

He set mantraps in the grounds of our house. They were meant for my love, but on this particular night we had arranged to meet in his hut and it was I who stepped into one of the traps. I suffered terrible injuries to my leg, too horrible to describe. I would not have wished them on anyone, even my cruel and arrogant father. I dragged myself from the garden to my room but I lost too much blood and died.

There is a permanent reminder on the downstairs ceiling where my blood soaked through from the floor of my room. I still walk the floors of this house looking for love...or revenge. If you visit, look for me - I am the Grey Lady.

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