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Location of the haunted place: Macclesfield, Cheshire

Origin of the haunting: 19th Century

Background: The wood of a gibbet which stood on nearby Gun Hill was used to make the stiles on field borders around Bosley. The gibbet stood until the 1880's. The stiles are believed to be haunted by John Naden. His ghost tells the story.

Ghost story: I had to get drunk to do it. That woman made me murder her husband, Robert Brough; my employer. I got drunk and killed him with my knife. She emptied his pockets to make it look like thieves had attacked him. If I hadn't got drunk I would have remembered to take the knife from under his body; but I didn't and that was my downfall. They convicted me because of the knife and the fact I had no alibi. I was hanged on the gallows on Gun Hill.

I still get drunk and you'll find my ghost by the stiles that are made from the wood of the gallows. Be warned! I'm not the friendliest of ghosts and you never know when I'll appear.

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