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Berry Pomeroy Castle

Devon Home

Haunted location: Totnes,Devon

Origin of the haunting: Unknown

Background: The castle was built by the Pomeroy family during the 12th Century. They lived there until 1547 when the castle was sold to Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset and Lord Protector. The ghost of Lady Margaret Pomeroy tells her story.

Ghost story: How could a sister be so cruel? We let a man come between us and ruin our sisterly love. People said I was more beautiful than my sister, Eleanor. Maybe I was, but love should go deeper than one's looks. We both loved the same man and I can only think that because of my beauty, Eleanor thought he would love me over her. In a jealous rage, she locked me in the dungeon beneath the tower and left me to starve to death. The hours I spent wishing the end would come but life dragged on. I suffered so much and yet my sister did nothing. I only hope she thought it was worth it.

I still walk the ruins and I know that I leave a lasting feeling of fear and hatred with those people who have seen me. Some even say that if you see me then you may die. So perhaps, if you visit, it would better not to look for the White Lady.