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Baldoon Castle

Location of the haunted place: Bladnoch, nr Wigtown, Scotland

Origin of the haunting: 17th Century

Background of the haunted place: Sir Walter Scott based his story The Bride of Lammermoor on the events here. The castle, which is now a ruin, belonged to Sir David Dunbar. His son, also called David, married the daughter of Sir James Dalrymple. Janet Dalrymple's ghost tells her story.

Ghost story: I loved Archibald. I didn't care that he was penniless but my father wanted me to marry David Dunbar. They did not like Archibald and constantly objected to my seeing him. I did not want to let my parents down so eventually I agreed to marry David.

I did not want to be with him and on our wedding night tragedy struck. No one is sure what happened. The door of the bridal chamber was broken down after hideous screams were heard. They found my husband very badly wounded while I cowered in the corner covered in blood.

I saw things that night that I cannot talk about. I tried to block the images from my mind but they still drove me insane and I died within a month, on 12th September 1669. My husband survived the ordeal but never spoke about what happened. Some people think I attacked him, some think Archibald did it and others think the Devil did it. The secret is safe with me. I do return to the place of this horrible deed and you might see me wandering the ruins, usually on the anniversary of my death.

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