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Athelhampton Hall

Haunted location: nr Puddletown, Dorset

Origin of the haunting: 16th Century

Background of the haunted place: The Martyn family erected the earliest part of this house in the 15th Century. Their crest was of an ape sitting on a tree stump and the motto was "He who looks at Martyn's ape, Martyn's ape will look at him." The family had a pet monkey and this is its story told by a daughter of the family.

Ghost story: It was my fault, I was so sad I didn't notice our pet. I opened the secret door by the fireplace in the great chamber. I went in, closed the door behind me and climbed the stairs. I didn't know the monkey had followed me. My lover had jilted me and I no longer wanted to live. I took my own life but, unknown to me, had locked the monkey in the room. The poor creature starved to death and you can still hear it scratching at the panelling wanting to be let out.

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