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Haunted House

O'er all there hung the shadow of a fear,

A sense of mystery the spirit daunted,

And said, as plain as whisper in the ear,

The place is haunted!

The Haunted House by Thomas Hood

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Haunted Calendar


23rd - At Edge Hill in Warwickshire, ghostly sounds and sights from the 1642 battle have been reported.

30th - Lady Blunt's ghost haunts the garden of the manor house in Lydiard Millicent, Wiltshire. It was on this day she witnessed the murder of her fiance.

31st - A ghostly huntsman and his hound are seen at Cliviger Gorge, Lancashire.

31st - At the ruins of Minsden Chapel, Hertfordshire a ghostly monk has been seen.

31st - Netley Abbey, Hampshire is haunted by the ghost of a monk called Blind Peter. Read the full story here.

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They Walk At Night: Real British Ghost Stories

Best-selling author, ghost historian and researcher MJ Wayland has carefully selected some of the most intriguing and scary ghost stories that Britain has to offer. From Black-eyed children ghost sightings, the ghosts of Kate Middleton's family home to a guide to Britain's most haunted locations.

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